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Part IV - Right relative to democratic local administration

Article XXIII

1.   The local authorities ensure the efficiency of public services, and that these fit the requirements of users. Every measure will be taken to avoid any form of discrimination or abuse.
2.   The municipal authorities will have at their disposal various means of evaluating their activities and will take on board the results of this evaluation.

Article XXIV


1.   The signatory cities guarantee the openness of the administrative process. Citizens must be informed of their political and administrative rights and obligations through regular and comprehensible publication of the municipal regulations.
2.   The citizens have a right to a copy of those files which refer to them, except in cases where there are restrictions in the public interest or where the privacy of a third party may be compromised.
3.   The obligation of clarity, publicity, impartiality and non-discrimination in the action of the municipal powers is applied to:
The conclusion of municipal contracts, in particular with reference to proper management of municipal spending;
The selection of officials and other municipal personnel, by merit and suitability.
4.   The municipal authorities guarantee openness and rigorous control of the use of public funds.