Work Areas

The UCLG-CSIPDHR has provided a platform for local governments to hold political debates on social inclusion and participatory democracy since the early 2000s. Over time, this thematic agenda has become more specific and diverse, as it now covers a myriad of topics related to local social agendas. In this context, human rights and the right to the city have become two key guiding visions to unleash the transformative potential of members’ collective agendas. Building on these approaches and their own policies in the field, local governments are expanding the global conversation on key issues such as the right to housing, the social inclusion of migrants, urban equality or women rights (among many others).

« A wide-ranging and interconnected thematic agenda »

Community-Led HousingWomen RightsHistorical MemoryRight to PeaceNon-DiscriminationCommonsSocial and Solidarity EconomyAgenda 2030HomelessnessRight to the CityViolence against womenLocal CitizenshipSocial InclusionUrban EqualityParticipatory DemocracyMigrationEcological TransitionRight to HousingInformal SettlementsMetropolizationFinancializationHuman Rights