Amplifying and bringing the voice and experience of local governments to the UN Human Rights system and key human rights organizations.

One of the most relevant networking initiatives on human rights held within the framework of our Committee has dealt with the promotion of structural dialogue between local governments, the UN Human Rights system and UCLG.

In 2015, the Human Rights Council opened a process of recognition of local governments’ role in promoting and protecting human rights which brought local governments and the UN Human Rights to work closer together.

At present, local governments within the Committee cooperate with organizations such as the OHCHR to enhance local governments’ recognition and articulation within the human rights system.

You can find out more about this process in the following link.

Gwangju United Nations

Providing a permanent meeting point on human rights within UCLG and supporting collective initiatives on human rights after the initiative of member-local governments.

As an international local government platform focused on political representation, the Committee supports local governments willing to advance joint proposals and agendas on human rights.

International meetings between local governments and relevant stakeholders in the human rights cities movement focus on exploring shared challenges; coming up with new approaches or proposals on human rights implementation; or advance human rights cities campaigning and solidarity. These events contribute also to building UCLG's human rights agenda.

The Committee is a co-organizer the World Human Rights Cities Forum (WHRCF) of Gwangju along its co-president city of Gwangju (South Korea) and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights.

You can know more about the WHRCF Forum here.

UCLG World Congress

Bringing together different approaches on human rights by local governements. Advancing and expanding a collective roadmap to contribute to the human rights cities movement.

The UCLG-CSIPDHR is the organization responsible for the monitoring of the Global Charter-Agenda for Human Rights in the City and the European Charter for the Safeguarding of Human Rights in the City.

On this basis, the Committee participates in policy debates (from international to local, regional or national focus) to share the outcomes produced by these two landmark documents over time.


Organizing learning initiatives to showcase local government experiences on human rights and support cities in developing their own policy initiatives.

Human rights cities networking produces every year a wealth of outcomes and knowledge materials that can benefit local governments wishing to develop or expand their own human rights policies.

Our Knowledge Hub section on human rights policies and documents gathers relevant inputs.

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