Addressing the role of local governments in tackling urban inequalities: Towards the GOLD VI Report (2022)

The GOLD VI Report will address the inequality crisis and its multiple dimensions as experienced at the local level. It will do so to explore meaningful pathways developed by local governments in recent years aimed at building more inclusive and equitable cities. In the same vein, GOLD VI will particularly focus on innovative collaboration patterns with civil society and grassroots organizations. The UCLG-CSIPDHR has been playing an important role in the development of GOLD VI and will contribute to articulate local governments’ contributions to it in the next period.

The GOLD VI Report is set to be published in 2022 with a view to influence the discourse and agendas of the World Organization on urban equality. It will draw on emerging practices by local governments across the world seeking to build “pathways to urban equality” through policies based on “care”, “commoning”, “democratizing” or “re-naturing”, among many other issues. In addressing approaches embraced by local governments and civil society actors alike, GOLD VI aims at identifying compelling, innovative solutions to both entrenched and emerging forms of inequality that are both pragmatic and transformative.

GOLD VI will explore key thematic aspects of urban equality in cities (including access to housing and basic services, care services, safety or the role of digital technologies) as well as how those relate to particular populations (women, migrants’, LGBT, informal settlers). Through a cross-cutting approach, GOLD VI will underline those existing opportunities for local governments to take action against inequalities - embracing for instance rights-based approaches, re-municipalizing public services or developing a pro-commons policy.

The drafting process of GOLD VI will count on the support of leading academic specialists from different world regions, local government representatives and practitioners, UCLG consultation mechanisms and key networks and civil society partners.

The UCLG-CSIPDHR contributed to the inception of the GOLD VI Report and played an important role in Steering Committee discussions throughout 2020. In the next period, the Committee will continue to showcase key approaches promoted by members around the notions of right to the city and human rights cities, articulating specific contributions in the following areas:

  • Right to Housing;
  • Urban Commons;
  • Caring for Youth and the Elderly;
  • Social Assistance Programmes;
  • Gender-Based Discrimination and Violence;
  • Peace Culture and Safety;
  • Welcoming Cities;
  • Civic Participation;
  • Transparency and Accountability.

Contact the UCLG-CSIPDHR Secretariat for more information on how to participate to this process