Caring territories for women victims of violence: the International Observatory on Violence against Women

The International Observatory on Violence against Women and Girls gathers local government efforts to address VAWG in urban territories worldwide. This is an initiative promoted by Seine Saint Denis, a co-president of our Committee, also supported by the French Development Agency. The Observatory is part of the project "Territories caring women victims of violence". UCLG is a key partner of the Observatory, connecting the Seine Saint Denis cooperation network with the World Organization of local governments. Our Committee is charged with building an international cooperation agenda for this project, fostering exchanges between local governments and women rights defenders across the world.

This project  "Caring territories for women victims of violence" has three main objectives:

  1. Fostering the creation of local observatories to address VAWG across the world;
  2. Contributing to create a global coalition of local governments committed to address VAWG;
  3. Raising awareness among the general public.

« Over the next years, we will join forces with UCLG and other local governments to cooperate internationally in addressing violence against women : In order to effectively tackle such a global challenge, decentralized cooperation is essential. This is why we are committed to build an international observatory on violence against women »

Stéphane Troussel, President of Seine Saint Denis and co-president of the UCLG-CSIPDHR

Signing of the partnership between Seine Saint Denis and AFD

As the International Observatory on Violence against Women is based on connecting local experiences addressing VAWG and building a shared platform, our Committee is charged with fostering the participation of more local governments in these exchanges, showcasing their innovative policies in the framework of the project. Our Committee will also help build an international advocacy agenda for the project well aligned to our own human rights and right to the city roadmaps.

There are various ways by which local governments within our Committee can participate in this project. All participation opportunities open to members and local governments will be duly promoted in our monthly newsletter (register here):

  • Joining international seminars and political discussions organized within the framework of the project
  • Joining learning exchanges and capacity building events organized within the framework of the project
  • Accessing learning resources on local policies and relevant resources, including a MOOC course on VAWG

The project will nourish the UCLG global agenda on women rights and gender equality, seeking to reinforce the narrative and action plan of the “Feminist Municipal movement" with new thematic proposals and cooperation opportunities.

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You can also stay tuned for updates about the project by checking our dedicated feed or its main website. Reach us to know more about the project and how to participate.