Call for local government participation in the Transformative Cities award

The fourth edition of the Transformative Cities award is looking forward to receiving a good number of submissions by local governments implementing projects related to social transformation and “building solutions to our planet’s intertwined political and ecological crises”. Our Committee is supporting this edition of the award, and invites member-local governments to take part in it. Participating in this award offers an excellent opportunity to raise awareness on local initiatives and foster knowledge exchange with other local governments and social movements from across the world sharing similar goals.

The following section provides context information about the award and how to participate. It has been developed on the basis of the original Call by Transformative Cities (check it out to have more information on how to participate).

What is the Transformative Cities award?

Transformative Cities is an opportunity for local governments, as well as municipalist coalitions, social movements and civil society organizations to popularize and share their experiences of building solutions to our planet’s intertwined political and ecological crises.

The initiative draws on the emerging wave of transformative practices and responses taking place at the local level worldwide, both promoted by local governments as well as other types of local actors. The Award’s approach focuses on creating a unique platform to facilitate the wider dissemination of the lessons and inspiration from such practices.

[ You can know more about previous editions of the award here ]

The Award aims to highlight practices and solutions that can serve as inspiration for others. The organizing committee aspires to continue with a new model of awards, which is participatory, inspirational, and rooted in exchange and learning.

The Transformative Cities Award is organized by the Transnational Institute (TNI) and a group of 6 partner organizations working on issues related to urban transformation, the common good, habitat rights and transformative economies.

Transformative Cities

Application requirements

The Transformative Cities initiative is open to social collectives and local governments alike. A collective can have the form of a social movement with recognizable structures and goals.

The fourth edition of the award (2021–2022) will look at four issues: Energy, Water and Housing and Food. The main themes of the award are therefore very much related to the agenda of many member-local governments from the Committee, which can also decide to highlight their own transformative approaches to these topics (based for instance on the rights-based and right to the city approach, that of commons, caring...)

Check the FAQ section for further details and information.

To apply please download the form and send it to [email protected]