Philippe Rio, Mayor of Grigny, participated in the #UCLGMunicipalPeaceTalks

The UCLG Municipal Peace Talks are an exercise of multilateral peacebuilding from a local perspective that will set the ground for local to local dialogue beyond the current conflict and addressing also the urgent issues around the role of local governments in the context of humanitarian emergencies.

Building on the legacy of its movement, UCLG is committed to continue fostering solidarity among peoples and the spheres of government it represents. To strengthen the multilateral system, promote the respect for international law and open pathways of dialogue, and fostering local democracy and local ownership as a pillar for a sustainable peace.

In April 2022, Philippe Rio, Mayor of Grigny and Co-president of the UCLG-CSIPDHR, took part in the initiative to share Grigny´s vision on the role of local and regional governments in peacebuilding. 

In his intervention, Philippe Rio recalled the work of Mayors for Peace, which is in permanent dialogue with UCLG. The mayor stressed the importance and the necessity of the advocacy of mayors for the culture of peace, which cities develop within their public policies as a set of values, but also through conflict prevention and dialogue; city diplomacy and post-conflict reconciliation.

"Cities and mayors are architects of peace.  We have the responsibility to be close to our citizens to nurture peace. We must accompany them towards a self-sustained peace in their daily life through proximity "

Philippe Rio invited local and regional governments to think about a “municipalism of peace”, highlighting that there are no human rights without peace, and that human dignity and emancipation also depend on peace. 

In this perspective, the Mayor recalled the work of the UCLG- CSIPDHR Committee and encouraged local governments to join the international campaign "10, 100, 1000 Human Rights Cities and Territories by 2030", to be launched soon by the Committee.