The Right to the City and to Solidarity-based Metropolis in UCLG´s Summit

The CSIPD organized one of the Summit´s parallel sessions on the issue of "Fighting against social exclusion - the right to the city and to solidarity-based metropolises". The debate was held on November 18, taking this idea as a starting point: even though cities are sources of innovation and progress, they also have high levels of social and spatial segregation between rich and poor, and many inequalities and concentrations of poverty.


The global trend towards urbanisation is leading to the urbanisation of poverty and social exclusion, which is reflected in inequalities in income levels, non-existent or insufficient public services and alarming living conditions (especially in terms of food, housing, health and education). The current economic situation is aggravating these problems, and the budget crisis faced by many local governments is weakening their ability to take action against social exclusion.


From this standpoint, the debate focused on what policies can develop local governments to take forward the right to the city and solidarity-based metropolises. The session was moderated by the Vice-president of the Committee and President of Plaine Commune, Mr. Patrick Braouezec, and had the following speakers: the Mayor of Geneva (Switzerland), Ms. Sandrine Salerno; the Mayor of Várzea Paulista (Brazil), Mr. Eduardo Tadeu Pereira; the Deputy Mayor of Aubagne (France), Ms. Magali Giovannangeli; the Director General of FAMSI (Spain), Mr. Antonio Zurita; and the former President of Habitat International Coalition (HIC), Mr. Enrique Ortiz. 200 people attended the meeting and participated in a fruitful dialogue with speakers for nearly an hour of debate.