Publication of the political document on social inclusion

In June, the first publication by the Committee on Social Inclusion and Participatory Democracy (CSIPD), For a world of inclusive cities will see the light of day. This document, published in 4 languages, contains the political document "Let´s build the inclusive cities of the 21st Century" that was approved last November 30, 2008 by the UCLG World Council in Istanbul. It also includes a presentation from the Mayor of Barcelona, Mr. Jordi Hereu, under the title: "Barcelona: a story of global commitment to progress and freedom", as well as a text written by the Deputy-Mayor and Chair of the CSIPD, Mr. Ricard Gomà, on how to "Think locally and fight globally against social exclusion".

This publication will shortly be distributed among the members of UCLG and is dedicated to all the member cities of the CSIPD, with whose help it has been possible to draw up the document "Let´s build the inclusive cities of the 21st Century". This document is the result of the active participation of members in the political debates organised by the Committee and the exchange of their most innovative experiences on social inclusion.