Let´s build the inclusive cities of the 21st century

The Social Inclusion Committee has played a lead role in preparing a political document on social inclusion that is the steering force for the promotion of inclusion policies within the framework of UCLG. This document, named "Let´s build the inclusive cities of the 21st Century" was approved on November 31 by the UCLG World Council at its meeting in Istanbul.                                                       

This document defines social inclusion policies as a way of building an active citizenship and establishing the practice of participatory democracy; as a means of articulating the goals to achieve equality with the values of diversity and identity; and as a framework for the safeguard of human rights.

All of this was discussed in depth in a plenary session on social inclusion at the World Council. This debate was chaired by the mayor of Barcelona, Mr. Jordi Hereu, with the participation of the mayors of Istanbul, Guarulhos, Jericho, Montevideo and Pixley ka seme, as well as the deputy mayor of Barcelona, Mr. Ricard Gomà.

The Social Inclusion Committee, together with the Committee of City Diplomacy that presented the Hague Declaration for approval, has been a pioneer in promoting a political stance on any given topic throughout the organization.

The document is available through the following link: "Let´s build the inclusive cities of the 21st Century"