The CSIPD at the Local and Regional Leaders Summit, Mexico

It is our pleasure to inform you that the 2nd 2010 Biannual Meeting of the CSIPD will be held on 17 November from 11.30 am to 1.00 pm in the Escuela de Administración Pública del Distrito Federal, 4 Tacuba Street - in the Historic City Centre of Mexico D.F (see map). The objective of this meeting is to present you the CSIPD Activities Report 2008 - 2010 and the future working strategy for the period 2011 - 2013, which has been defined after a process of collective reflection involving all the members of the Committee.



The meeting will take place after the FAL session "Local Authorities Meeting: bound for Dakar 2011" (9:30h - 11h).


We take this opportunity to inform you that the same day in the afternoon the CSIPD, represented by the Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire, will present the Global Charter-Agenda for Human Rights in the City, which will be submitted to UCLG Executive Bureau members for consideration (15:30 h-18h).


The next day, 18 November from 16:30h to 18:30h will take place the parallel session of the Local and Regional Leaders World Summit on "Fighting social exclusion - the right to the city and to solidarity-based metropolis." This session has been organized with the support of the CSIPD (see more details at item 6 of the document enclosed).


Finally, we would like to invite you to participate in the Strategic Redefinition Survey UCLG has just launched until November 19 in order to know the opinion of its members regarding the development of the organization after the 3rd World Congress of Mexico. We strongly encourage you to take part in this joint reflection aimed to shape among all of you the future of our Organization. Click here to participate.