Cities for Adequate Housing: from present emergencies to a future of housing justice

The 2022 UCLG World Congress was held last October in Daejeon, South Korea. In this framework, a special session on Housing was held: “Cities for Adequate Housing: from present emergencies to a future of housing justice”. The session seeked to promote an exchange around the different housing-related innovations that local and regional governments had engaged with as part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The key objective was to extract some key lessons and start walking together towards a joint, municipalist strategy for addressing the global housing emergency. As participants echoed, this work needs to build on the previous achievements of the municipalist movement of Cities for Adequate Housing, including its Municipalist Declaration, and propel it forward. We are thankful for those of you who were able to attend the session and we are looking forward to the engagement of more Cities and Territories in making the work evolve and taking it forward.

The session also inspired the Mayor of Makeni, Ms. Sunkarie Kabba, to present a motion to the UCLG Pact for the Future, the outcome document of the 2022 UCLG World Congress. The motion was approved by the UCLG membership present in Daejeon, hence becoming a part of the UCLG Pact for the Future and forging ahead the upcoming work of the UCLG Housing Community of Practice.

You can find  a summary of the special session hereMore to come soon!