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Cultural rights

1. All city inhabitants have the right to inclusive and ongoing quality training and education, and to enjoy culture in all its diverse expressions and forms.

2. The city stimulates creativity, supports the development and diversity of expressions and cultural practices, and sport, together with venues for the dissemination of culture and the arts, in particular, local public libraries.
The city promotes adult training and ongoing education programs.
In cooperation with cultural associations and the private sector, local authorities promote the development of a cultural urban life.
The city ensures all its inhabitants access to communication services and tools. It promotes the learning of electronic and information technologies through free public workshops.
The city respects, protects and promotes the cultural diversity of its inhabitants, the only limit being their full respect towards the rules of coexistence and universally recognized human rights. It promotes likewise the expressiveness, creativity and cultural practices of its inhabitants.
3. City inhabitants respect the city's cultural diversity and treat responsibly the public areas and facilities devoted to culture in the city.
Suggested Action Plan 
a) Adopt supportive measures for adult education and ongoing training, including vocational training;
b) Expansion of a public library network throughout all the city's neighborhoods;
c) Adopt measures to conserve, protect and sustain the city's cultural heritage, and its sustainable and respectful access by city inhabitants and tourists;
d) Plan for the creation, expansion or maintenance of quality recreational areas open to the public without discrimination;
e) Offer IT training workshops and adopt measures to ensure universal Internet access;
f) Careful attention to the needs of transients and other nomad populations in the field of access to education;
g) Supportive measures for cultural creativity in the city, in order to improve the working conditions of culture professionals and to promote active cultural practices of all city inhabitants;
h) Creation and maintenance of sport facilities.