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Our mission

The UCLG Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights brings together local governments from across the world committed to the global advance of human rights and the right to the city. In the framework of UCLG, it aspires to articulate a common voice for the world organization of local governments on social inclusion, participatory democracy and human rights.

The Committee is formed by more than one hundred local governments from all the world regions, actively collaborating with civil society, researchers and other city networks. Throughout two decades, multiple local leaders have taken part in our meetings, configuring a lasting legacy linked to the values of municipalism and the idea that "Another world is possible, and it starts in the city!".

Local government meetings are at the heart of our network. On these occasions, local authorities meet to raise awareness on their initiatives, share ideas and policy approaches and establish new alliances on a wide range of topics. Through its permanent action, the Committee Secretariat seeks to foster the participation of new local authorities, as well as to promote the outcomes of Committee events throughout time.

At present, Committee local governments focus their joint work plan in five interrelated areas: Human Rights, Right to the City, Right to Housing, Migrations and Diversity and Participatory Democracy.

Within the framework of UCLG, the Committee seeks to articulate a joint voice that puts the right to the city, human rights and local and participatory democracy at the heart of the global municipal movement. Through its members, it actively takes part in UCLG statuory mechanisms and the consultation mechanism of Policy Councils.