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Fifth title: Municipalist cooperation in residential strategies

We want to enhance cooperation and solidarity within city networks that defend affordable housing and equitable, just, and inclusive cities by boosting long-term strategies on a metropolitan scale.

We, the local governments are committed towards cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and practice in urban and residential policies.

We also propose joining forces to call for more resources and powers from both national and international supra-municipal bodies.

We need the principle of subsidiarity to be applied to housing and urban policies of city and central governments.

Furthermore, we call upon the cities to form a joint front when negotiating with global actors or digital platforms.

In addition, we commit ourselves towards practising metropolitan solidarity so as to overcome competitive localisms, centre-peripheral tensions and territorial imbalances.

Finally, we commit ourselves to reaching city agreements that transcend governmental terms of office and guarantee the coherence and continuity of long-term strategies.